Welcome to FITFOX

Everything is Possible With Us

While we have the best facilities in Kurnool, spanning over 5000 sq. ft that is not what we are the proudest of.. We wanted a place where we would be inspired to continuously create new goals and to be motivated to attain them. More importantly, we needed a place that welcomed all levels of fitness, and didn’t judge our abilities, or make us feel like we were “in the way.” In simple words, FITFOX is a one-stop for all your fitness needs. No matter who you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced one, FITFOX fulfills your needs.

Our Certificates

The people who workout with me are so encouraging and fun. The zumba class everyday is so challenging. I like that I can get a very good workout in 1 hour
- Venkatesh
FITFOX is super good . It's worth getting up at 5 am and attending the class everyday at 5:30am. FitFox created an incredible environment for anybody- no matter what you are looking for !
- Pravallika
I love FITFOX! The instructors are so supportive, encouraging and energized. FitFox has the best equipments so far in Kurnool.
- Aishwarya