Welcome to FITFOX


Fitfox studio is the biggest gymnasium in Rayalaseema with an area of 5400sqft

Major facilities of FitFox Studio:
  • Steam bath
  • Every hour sanitization
  • Following covid protocols
  • Certified Trainers
  • Separate segments for strength and CrossFit
  • Personal training
  • Group training
  • Weight loss training
  • Weight gain training
  • Diet plan for every customer
  • Biometric access for every client
  • Various kinds of equipments
  • Wooden compartments (for keeping valuables) for clients during their session
  • Day out once in a month
  • Providing shoes bags and caps to the clients
  • Easy renewal process¬†
  • Great layout (flooring)
  • Verifying the health and wellness of every client
  • Improving balance and flexibility of clients through professional Zumba
  • Large place for stretching and plenty of stretching mats
  • Yoga , animal flow on every Thursday
  • Competent and helpful staff

FitFox Studio provides Steam Room which has the ability to help clear skin , improve circulation and open up the sinuses , allows your body and mind to pause and take in the moment. Whether you are visiting post-workout or just looking to remove the toxins of everyday stress, FitFox steam room is available for you .!